Creating a website that meets your needs is our focus. Understanding what you are trying to convey and who it is you're trying to reach, are on top of our list... and of course making it look good.

We start by getting an understanding of what you like and then put forward some suggestions. Once in development, we will create the site live, meaning as the site is being built, you can view the progress real-time and become involved in all aspects of the development process.

The successful websites are the ones that operate seamlessly. We encourage our clients to find that balance between pizzazz and functionality so as to let the user feel as though they are involved, in control and understand what is happening.

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  • Unique Website Design

    Designs to Suit You

    We custom-build all our sites to give you a product that is unique and accurate to your needs.

  • Valid XHTML and CSS

    Valid XHTML & CSS

    All our sites have valid code. This improves load time, searchability, upgrading... the list goes on and on.

  • Firefox Symbol

    Works in All Browsers

    While we recommend Firefox, our sites are tested in all major browsers to ensure compatibility and continuity.

  • Targeted SEO

    Hit Your Target

    While aesthetics are important, the ability to find your target audience is high on our list of priorities.


Understanding your business is a key part of our logo design process. It lets us tailor our designs to meet your unique business needs.

We understand that taste is a personal thing. That's why we offer unlimited revisions until you're happy with the logo.

How do you want to portray yourself? Who is your target market? What formats will the logo be displayed in? These are all questions we can help you answer so as to get the perfect image of your business.

We can turn your Logo into an Identity. Through the creation of business cards, letter heads and stationary, you can have the complete package.

I.T. Logo
Excercise Logo

Technology Logo
Finance Logo
  • Pictorial, Wordmark, Abstract, Web2.0

    Create Your Identity

    Whether it be a Pictorial Mark, Wordmark, Abstract Mark or Web 2.0, we can help deliver the logo that represents you.

  • Unlimited Revisions

    Unlimited Revisions

    We have confidence that we can deliver the logo that you want. Unlimited revisions until you're happy.

  • Build the Image

    Build the Image

    Some logos become the central part of the website and all branding. We can cover all aspects at Aus-Media.

  • Vector Designs

    All Vector Designs

    Our designs are all vector graphics and completely resizable. Source files and formats are available.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often considered the more technical part of web marketing. It starts with having good code (valid XHTML & CSS) and relevant content, and moves into the more subtle areas such as where to place what words, how many times your keywords should appear, links and how to optimize them. The list is large and growing. At Aus-Media we like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to SEO and e-Commerce.

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             Yahoo Logo

             Bing Logo
  • Top SEO Rankings

    Top of the list

    We aim to get you as high up on the search engine rankings as possible.

  • Track your Website

    Keeping Track

    We can set you up to see how many visitors you're getting, where they're from and how they get to you.

  • Adword Campaign


    Research on keywords that match your business and where to place them.


A Content Management System is a web application used for managing websites and web content.

We can create your site using any three of the major CMS packages. Finding the right CMS for your project is essential. We highly recommend Joomla, and our in-house expert can give tutorials and technical support regarding any aspect of Joomla. Wordpress is king of the bloggers and is the most popular blog software at the moment. Drupal is also a very powerful CMS system.

Don't worry we can help find the best one for you.

                 Joomla Logo

                 Wordpress Logo

                 Drupal Logo
  • Custom CMS

    Unique CMS

    Creating a unique CMS site is an art form. Let us give you the power of CMS without compromising the design.

  • Online Learning Systems

    Online Learning

    Hold classes or meetings with people all over the globe. Connect, interact and record all at once.

  • Easily Updateable

    Update on the Fly

    Update your site with no HTML skills. We can teach you how to quickly update your content.

  • Blog, Forum, Gallery, e-Commerce

    Endless Options

    Do you need a Blog, Forum, Gallery, e-Commerce, Log in or Ad space? CMS has the answers.


All aspects of media are available on your project. Whether you need a video on your site, some audio commentary or a flash interface, we can do it. With years of experience in the media industry, we offer a wide variety of services. With internet speeds rising, the scope for rich media is growing. We can help you take advantage of that.

  • Video Productions


    We can cover all aspects of your video productions. From the shoot to the edit.

  • Audio Experts


    We have a Pro Tools system and top quality mics to offer great recordings, as well as an extensive sound bank.

  • Flash Creations


    From simple animations to fully integrated sites, we have the Flash solutions.

  • Photography


    We have a professional camera for capturing stunning images of you and your products.