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With internet speeds increasing rapidly, the opportunity to deliver rich, stunning media to your target audience is ever increasing.

The main video on this page was designed to be uplifting, but also give an idea of how video on the web can be interpreted. We apologise to users with slow connections and hope it's worth the wait.

The second video is a work in progress. It's actually a Mongolian singer rendered with a powerful 3D rendering program, Poser 8. It's quite challenging lip syncing a different language. With english you can achieve very realistic results that can be a powerful marketing too.l (We can build a model of anybody with one photograph.)

The final video is also a current project that will eventually be an intro and outro for online videos and purchased educational material. The effect was created using Adobe After Effects.

  • Please visit the links to Wikipedia via the headings for more information
  • Advertising media

    Advertise your product, knowledge or skills via media. The internet offers excellent real-time advertising.

  • Multimedia

    Whether it be video, audio, text, print, still images or 3D, delivering this content via multimedia lets you create interactive, stimulating experiences for the user.

  • Webcasting

    From simple online tutorials to fully interactive online meetings or classes. Aus-Media have just implemented one of the first online learning portals, login and interact with classes in real time ask questions, get answers, see and interact with the rest of the class and lecturer. Here is an example of a pre-recorded seminar. Holistic Consciousness in a Global Crisis

  • Productions

    Whether it be a TV ad, short film, viral campaign, online advertisement, event coverage or multimedia DVD, we have the resources and skills to deliver on any scale.

  • These are just a few of the services we offer, the list is large. Video intro's, 3D rendering, audio engineering/design etc... If you have an idea or a required service please contact us to discuss it further.