Let us create a stunning website that embodies your business. "contact us for a free quote"
Website Design Example
Unlimited revisions until you have the logo that works for you. "stand out and be noticed"
Logo Example
Whether it be Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal we can "make it happen"
CMS Combined
Flash, audio, vision, 3D art, print or photography, we have the "skills to meet your needs"
Many Media Types
Building a website is about building relationships.
It's about connecting to people and communities
around us. We share every resource, emotion and
idea known to man on this pixelated, content-rich highway.

Our goal is to give you a vehicle and a base to navigate this ever evolving, dynamic medium. In a world where search engine's are king, image is vital and
the bottom line is the bottom line,
we can help.

Aus-Media aren't just a web
company, we're
a media hub where idea's are born. From conception
to full flight we can steer the ship. In a sometimes
fickle industry, we offer quality, service and
understanding from start to finish.
Our Ethos
We aim to offer the highest quality service at a competitive rate. Reaching the target audience and getting your message to them is the bottom line for Aus-Media. We believe when it comes to the web, seeing the big picture as well as the intricacies is vital.
be seen, heard and felt
We base our products on creativity. Whether it be video, sound or text driving your message, with creativity being the focus, we can produce an image that mirrors you and your business that can be unique as well as professional.
an image that suits you
We take pride in creating media that works. Creating logical and intuitive interfaces is a passion for the Aus-Media team. We believe to keep people's attention they must feel in control and also captivated by what they are interacting with.
pathways that work
Be Found
It's one thing to have a great looking site that works. It's another thing to have a website that reaches its target audience. We can help find the audience, place the product and track the progress. Understanding the web and SEO is vital.
in a place of relevance
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